What makes a Good Florist?

A GFG-er doesn’t necessarily have the biggest shop and they may be based in a studio. Nor do they all look the same. Their shops are a reflection of their personalities and the area they are based in.

What they do all share is that they go the extra mile, they stock the freshest flowers, they keep ahead of the trends, they know what they’re talking about and, above all, they care. And because they care they’re the shops that have been prepared to step up to the plate and seek third party accreditation to show they are above average.

In short The Good Florist Guide is an easy, reliable way to find a legitimate independent florist anywhere in the UK who really knows what they are talking about and who wants you to have the best flower buying experience possible, irrespective of how much money you spend.



Q. Who can be included in the Good Florist Guide?

Anyone who runs a professional and legitimate business selling flowers can apply so we have all sorts of independent florists, ranging from large city centre florists to smaller out of town retailers as well as studio and events florists working out of workshops.

Size and style are not important, but all the businesses in the GFG work to the highest standards of floristry, creating designs which are fresh and innovative. Each florist will take the time to listen to what sort of flowers you really want and tailor make something to suit.

Q. How are Good Florist Guide members selected?

GFG is open to all florists trading as a commercial business but all applications are vetted and voted on before the GFG accreditation is given. No one can buy a membership. There are three ways a florist can become part of the GFG movement.

1: Submit a portfolio
This includes a personal statement as well as photographs of their work, their premises, references, testimonials and anything else they think is relevant. Once the application has been checked over for accuracy by GFG HQ, the application is put out to vote by current GFG’ers.

2: Nomination
Current GFG’ers, wholesalers and members of the public can nominate florists they believe should be in the GFG movement. A shorter form will need to be completed but again the nomination will be put out to vote amongst the existing GFG membership.

3: Personal invitation
With more than 40 years of industry knowledge, not to mention a little black book to die for, the team at GFG HQ know an awful lot of wonderful florists who deserve to be part of the movement. As such they receive a personal invitation from Caroline.

However, whichever way a person is chosen to be part of Good Florist Guide, no money changes hands until the final stage; as we say no one can buy their way in!

Q. What are shop, studio & event florists? How do they differ?

A florist shop operates from retail premises on a high street or parade. A studio florist can operate from a workshop, studio, industrial outlet or garden centre.

Both regularly do a wide range of wedding, funeral, events and contract work but not all studio florists are able to offer same day delivery so won’t show up if you put that as one of your search terms. Event Florists only do weddings, parties and corporate events.

Q. Do GFG'ers pay to be in the guide

Not until they’ve gone through the accreditation process and only if accepted will they pay a nominal annual fee to cover the running costs. Like it’s counterparts – Good Pub, Good Food, Good Hotel Guide – GFG is about quality and giving flower buyers a mark of trust – it isn’t designed to make big bucks although we do hope to contribute something to our chosen charity, the wonderful Teenage Cancer Trust.

Q. Will it cost more to use a GFG shop?

Not at all. In fact you may well get more for your money because you will be dealing directly with the florist making your design rather than sending it through a third party who often deducts a commission.

Q. Are you looking for feedback?

Yes. If there is a florist on this list who either does an amazing job or doesn’t perform as well as you would expect then we would like to know. As before just send their details to hello@goodfloristguide.com.

Q. I’m a florist. How can I be included?

If you feel you are good enough to be included then we would love to hear from you. All the details are in our joining section.

Q. Are you looking for recommendations?

Yes! If you know of a fantastic florist who isn’t on this list then we would love to hear about them. Simply email their details to hello@goodfloristguide.com with a few lines about your experience and why you recommend they be invited to join.