The dreaded Rules and Regs!

We really want to be as relaxed as possible but there are certain things we have to put in the public domain so this is the current list which doubles up as our Terms and Conditions. However as they always say, whilst it’s correct at the time of going to press, we reserve the right to change and amend if necessary or if someone does something bad we hadn’t thought of!!

We reserve the right to instantly remove a business from the Good Florist Guide™ (GFG) at any time. Reasons will be given but include bringing the brand into disrepute – be it through poor service or inappropriate online behaviour – failing to pay bills or insolvency.

GFG status and use of the logo only applies to a shop or branches of a shop which have been approved by vote and/or personal invitation. It is not permitted to use the logo in connection with any other shop or business.

If you sell your business to another florist, GFG accreditation no longer applies to that business. The new owner will need to reapply for GFG accreditation as will you for any new business you may set up.

We don’t expect to get involved in customer complaints, mainly because we believe GFG’ers are the type of florists who will handle any complaint in a timely and courteous way. However should a customer contact us and if it seems to be a genuine complaint we will contact you to see what has happened and if we need to do anything. However GFG is in no way responsible for any failures and omissions on any order or transaction, the contract is between you and your customer.

You are not permitted to deface or adapt the logo or window sticker to remove the date, or try and change it in any other way. You must only show the most up to date version of the logo although, with permission, you may use an un-dated version on printed material.

If you wish to use the dated logo from previous years to show longevity of accreditation please contact us and we will send you the artwork.

We will contact you annually to check your details and may from time to time request some updated images. If you do not get back to us with your details/images you may be removed from the GFG and your right to use the branding revoked and this will be shown on our website.

One change of pictures per year is included in your registration fee, additional changes may be made at a cost of £40.

A website is an essential part of any application and ideally an independent one rather than a relay provided websites as this defeats the object of the exercise – i.e. promoting independent shops not multinational brands.

An online ordering facility is preferred, preferably using your own payment systems. That said we know that there are many reasons why relay provided sites are still used and that there are other web site set ups in place that could be construed as relay so we try to take a pragmatic view.

In terms of national delivery services, as long as the design is made in your own premises (rather than sub contracted out to a third party) we are happy to include shops as this is another industry change we want to try and embrace. However we will not accept applications from corporate organisations using a pack house for distribution as this again defeats the object of GFG.

Like we said at the beginning we don’t want to be heavy but like all organisations we reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time but full notification will be given.