Adding high impact to your interiors couldn’t be simpler when you invest in a plethora of indoor plants. The ‘urban jungle’ trend is here to stay and you can play with the concept in any way your heart desires. Whether you want to turn your sitting room into Jurassic Park with huge leafy specimens, style a staircase with indoor blossoms or group succulents into a gorgeous green oasis, the possibilities are endless. Search vintage stores and charity shops for containers to mix and match, or go high end and choose all matching pots. Choose all the same plants in different colours or go wild with mismatching shapes, heights and colours. Whatever you do, have fun then watch your indoor garden grow! Warning: this trend can be highly addictive.

Wild West Jungle

By far the quickest and most effective way to add drama is to buy the largest green plants you can find. Be it towering ficus, giant rubber plants or stately palms, your chosen room can be a jungle in no time. This trend can be worked into almost any decorative scheme. In the picture above, tall greenery has been paired with a beautiful cowhide chair to achieve a wild west meets jungle effect. You could also easily achieve the 1930s palmhouse feel which makes for a particularly relaxing and stylish environment. And don’t forget these beauties also serve to detoxify the air around you. What’s not to love?

Small Plants: Big Impact

If height isn’t your thing or you think the dimensions of your room can’t carry that off, another way is to group smaller plants together. Whether they’re all the same genus or a mix of varieties of a similar height, this can be hugely effective in creating an indoor oasis. You can create cohesion by using all the same pots as in the picture above or let your imagination run riot with a mix of colours and textures. The great thing about this trend is that there are no rules. You can mix and match to your heart’s content until you’ve achieved the result that makes you smile every single day. And add to it anytime your pocket allows.

Say It With Flowers

Who says that the urban jungle can only be created with big, green leaves? You can invent your own indoor paradise by introducing masses of blooming indoor florals. Mix and match roses to create an indoor English rose garden, gather together orchids of differing stripes and hues or collate Calla lilies into an extraordinary display as seen in the picture above. The key to this trend is experimentation so don’t be afraid to try anything that takes your fancy. We all have a favourite flower but have you tried collecting and displaying them in different colourways? Go on, go wild, you really have nothing to lose!

Style A Staircase

Another great way to play with the trend is to style up a staircase. A flight of stairs is inherently dramatic and gives you height and dimension to work with. It really can be as simple as heading to your local florist and seeing what catches your imagination. You could create an all white scheme as seen in the picture above or choose your favourite accent colour. The wire baskets shown create a lovely effect but there are masses of storage options you could adopt to suit your own scheme and personality. Again, the trick is to have fun creating a living, breathing decorative feature.