If your granny’s dessicated, dusty blooms are the only thing you conjure up when someone mentions dried flowers, you’re in for a treat. Because dried botanicals are back with a vengeance and they’re gorgeous. Whether gracing the pages of Instagram or making bride-to-be’s hearts beat faster on Pinterest, preserved floral arrangements are everywhere at the moment and you’ll want to get in on the trend. Versatile, affordable and eco-friendly, you can let your imagination run wild and create something unique that will last for a very long time.


Just as when choosing a fresh floral arrangement, if you commission or invest in a dried bouquet you can opt for your own colour scheme. Those wild about purple can include lavender, red heads can go for blood red roses and so on until we all have our own perfect creation. As well as treating ourselves to a stunning investment in our home decor, dried bouquets make the perfect hostess gift or birthday present. The inclusion of wild grasses, foliage and seed pods will add texture and interest. And remember, you will be able to admire and enjoy this well into the future.


A wreath is the perfect medium to make best use of dried flowers. Its structure lends itself to the addition of all types of dried blooms, berries and foliage. It’s more than acceptable to send one of these as a funeral tribute and it will far outlast the fresh ones. On the other end of the spectrum, heart shaped wreaths are being adopted as wedding decor. Whether hung on guests’ chairs or as a talking-point table centrepiece, couples can demonstrate their eco credentials and style. In the home, these make beautiful door decorations whatever the time of year and can brighten up any room.

Single Blooms/Arrangements

If simplicity is your watchword, you can still enjoy this micro trend in a measured way. Even a single, perfectly preserved bloom can make an impact. Choose your favourite vessel, be it milk bottle or tiny metal canister, and add a dried rose or elegant seed pod. If you favour a more maximalist approach, throw together your favourite dried botanicals in an array of vases and create a central display. There really are no limits to what can be achieved.

Dry Your Own Flowers

Drying your own flowers probably isn’t as difficult as you think. Learning a few basics will soon have you preserving with the best of them. Don’t wait for your flowers to die, buy the best blooms you can afford and dry them in their prime. Use string to tie together and dry upside down in a cool, dark space. An attic or cupboard is ideal. Large blooms should be hung separately and always avoid direct sunlight which will cause your flowers’ colours to fade.

Wedding Flowers

Brides are increasingly choosing to adorn their big day with a wide array of preserved botanicals. From stunning bouquets that will last as long as their marriage (fingers crossed on all counts!) to button holes, table settings and even a dog collar for their favourite four-footed guest. Older more traditional guests might be shocked, but will surely be won over by the natural simplicity of it all. A fabulous way to make memories of your big day linger longer.

Wedding Head Dresses

Forget the traditional white veil. Modern brides are wild about crowning themselves with long lasting flowers. And they can go as wild as they like as seen in this picture above! While not everyone will like it this spectacular, much more subtle and pretty looks can also be achieved. Whatever dress you choose for the big day, you can commission a crown of dried flowers that will complement it perfectly. And guests will be talking about it for years to come.