The first three wholesalers to pledge their moral support for the Good Florist Guide concept have been announced. Tom Brown Wholesale in London SE12, SouthEast Flowers in Ashford, Kent and FleuraMetz, who offer a national delivery service as well as cash and carry operations in Glasgow, Dublin and London. No money changes hands but all three companies have committed their help to spread the word and encourage their customers to be part of GFG, a movement which aims to highlight the very best florist shops, studios and event florists in the UK.

Commenting on their decision to become a founder supporter John Davidson of Tom Brown and a Trustee of the charity Floral Angels, told; “I really like the concept of Good Florist Guide. At first I wondered if it was going to be too selective. Not a bad thing as the thought process is to attract the best of the best but I was concerned how it would impact of take-up. However, looking at the feedback on Facebook it seems these fears may be misplaced as florists are loving being part of it. Knowing that some of my customers have already applied and been successful is great, now I’d like to see even more of them take part.”

For FleuraMetz, and in particular Ian McClellan who heads up the London cash and Carry and whose own shop Pinks of Hazelmere, applied for and passed the GFG application process, it was natural to get on board. “I think it’s really important the industry gets behind GFG because it is the only programme that truly and independently sets the bar and tests shops rather than just taking the money.”

Chris Wolfe of Southeast Flowers in Ashford Kent is also a believer. She says “I like the concept of the GFG because it will give the consumer the confidence that may have been eroded over the years. Bringing the professional florist back where they should be in the eyes of the public is paramount and I believe GFG can do this. Florists need to ” big themselves up!” remind the consumer they are there. Shout from the rooftops that they have a skill to show off. GFG can train and help them to do this. It will inspire them, wake them up to what can be achieved and keeps them independent.”

Caroline Marshall-Foster, founder of the GFG project and Executive Editor of said: “I am so chuffed to have the support of these three founding supporters. No money changes hands; I and the advisory panel felt it was vital for GFG to stay independent, but to be honest, having external support and endorsement from leading players who themselves set high standards, is worth its weight in gold because it means we are all sharing the same goal of promoting the best floristry we can.

If you’re a florist interested in adding the GFG logo to your branding visit to find out how to join.

If you are an industry supplier interested in becoming a supporter and spreading the word about GFG email