While a bunch of plump red roses is a magnificent thing, wowing your Valentine this year needn’t take the form of a bouquet. If you’re looking for something a little more long-lasting for your ever-lasting love, there are a host of heart-shaped plants that can send your message in a pot.


With deep green, glossy heart-shaped leaves, this variety works well as a table or hanging plant. If your beloved isn’t blessed with green fingers this is an excellent choice as it’s almost impossible to kill! A quick wash of the leaves to prevent dust clogging its pores will help and then park it in a spot that’s not in full sun and watch it thrive.


A beautiful, trailing semi-succulent, the String of Hearts is descriptively named and could make the perfect Valentine gift. Known for its durability, it will suit those new to house plants. It requires little watering and will look great on a shelf. It’s also perfect for a bathroom as it copes well with temperature fluctuations and high humidity. Let your Valentine remember your thoughtfulness every time they take a shower!


With its thick, succulent, heart-shaped leaves, this little beauty will send a direct message to your loved one. Like the best people, this is beautiful and low maintenance. Pop it into indirect sunlight and water it once or twice a month. In the summer, this should also reward you with clusters of white claret-centred blooms.  Buy the single varieties and you can even hand write our own love message. 



These intensely-coloured plants can make a real impact especially if you combine their colours of pink, white, purple and crimson. With upswept petals and heart-shaped, often variegated leaves, they’re both eye-catching and easy to look after. Happy at room temperature, they require little watering and should be kept in a light spot but out of direct sunlight. They don’t cost the earth and should offer upwards of eight weeks of colour. 


This striking, usually red, but also available in pink,  white and a rather decadent rich rust/red  flowering plant boasts heart-shaped flowers which are actually modified leaves. Flamboyant and exotic, it’s no surprise that it’s also known as the Flamingo Flower. It will love a sunny spot but shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight and should be watered a maximum of every three days.