Wildly trendy, succulents can be seen adorning the homes of the stylish and feature in many a splashy Instagram post. And just to clear things up, cacti are also succulents but are defined by the presence of spikes. The feature that they share is their ability to store water in their leaves or stems. This enables them to survive in arid environments and may make them suitable for the less conscientious plant owner… though don’t leave them gasping for a drink completely! From tiny to architectural, flowering to glossy-leaved, succulents are a huge family that you will be glad you got to know. For inspiration and advice on how to incorporate them into your life, see below…


Mixing and matching a range of colours and types of succulents creates an instantly stunning display. Above they’ve been housed in beautifully simple Kilner jars to better showcase their attractions. Keeping them grouped like this can also make them easier to care for. During growing season which is usually April to September, set a reminder on your phone to water them altogether once a week. Many of them will also reward you with flowers when in season.


If you’re sticking to the plain green variety of succulents you can afford to go crazy with pot colours and types. A shocking pink minature bucket? Perfect to enhance their charms. Bold stripy ceramics, bright yellow plastic – anything goes. Pick your containers to enhance your own colour scheme and to make you smile every time you clap eyes on them.


Fans of old Westerns and the style palate of the American South West can go wild with cacti and create their own desert oasis. Their striking silhouettes can be grouped together to mimic an Arizona horizon. Mixing short with tall can provide stunning results. Be careful when handling these prickly creatures though, a pair of oven gloves comes in very handy if you need to lift them to water or to repot.



Do you have a limited amount of space and want to create a big impact? Then a terrarium may be the answer. These open or closed, usually glass containers just need some soil and then you can carefully position your chosen plants. They’re incredibly low-maintenance too. An open container benefits from being watered every three to six weeks, while a closed one should be watered monthly. Go on, delight yourself with your own mini greenhouse!


One other way to keep it simple yet striking is to assemble your own personal collection of dwarf succulents in a single bowl. The above stand out beautifully against the glazed turquoise ceramic container. Cheer up your workspace or add interest to your kitchen. And to keep them in tip-top shape, feed them liquid houseplant food once a month from April to September.