Good Florist Guide gives words of wisdom on what to do this Valentine’s

Where you buy your Valentine flowers from says a whole load about how you rate your loved one. And while we know there are many who will appreciate the fact you bought them any flowers at all, we reckon you can earn yourself some serious brownie points by going the extra mile and choosing the right bunch.
That’s because most of us can spot a hastily bought bunch from the garage a mile off. Not only is that more likely to get you a slap round the chops than a kiss but they may not last long enough for making up time!
So to help you protect your cheek and your points, the team at Good Florist Guide has come up with some hints on where to buy your flowers.

Supermarket flowers
Flowers here are often incredibly cheap, because they are luring you in to buy the chocs and wine to go with them, and we kno w it can be very convenient but be careful! Even if you manage to get that dreadful sticky price tag off without ripping the packaging she’ll still know.

Garage forecourt flowers
This is probably the worst purchase of all because you weren’t even multi-tasking i.e. doing the shopping … you’d simply forgotten! Take it from us, garage flowers are a complete no-no for any self-respecting lover.

Online ordering
Not bad, especially if you use one of the decent websites who use a network of florists to make and deliver your order. However, be careful if you’re having them couriered, rather than delivered by a local shop, because you run the risk they may not arrive on time especially if the weather turns nasty or if they have to be delivered to the office given Valentine’s is on a Tuesday this year. If that big brown box is late or worst still never turns up you’re really going to be in the doghouse!

Street Stalls
A good combination of economy and personal choice. And because many stalls offer as good a range as a bespoke florist you can have your gift personally made and wrapped. The downside is that they probably can’t deliver and you’ll need to hide them somewhere overnight. Make sure you have a warm but not too warm place to keep them hidden (garages and car boots are a no-no – they’ll either freeze or overheat depending on where you live!) a bucket of water and can cut and condition them so they’re not dead by Tuesday morning. Failing that ask the florist stall to put them in an aqua pack or water bubble and then in a flower bag or box so you don’t have to faff about but keep them safe and upright to avoid large puddles.

Local florists
When it comes to special deliveries a local florist is quite simply the best option. Not only will your lover know you took the time to pick up the phone or visit the shop to speak to the person making the gift but you’ll have had the chance to really personalise your gift and, if you went in, hand-write the card. This sort of purchase shows real love and shouldn’t cost you any more than an online order and may actually end up being far better value because all the money will go on the flowers rather than any middleman charges.
And don’t worry if you’re stuck for ideas on what to buy or how much to spend, because we’ve got oodles of advice at

Good luck and happy Valentines!

Lots of Love,
The girls at Good Florist Guide