1: Enter the postcode or town you want the flowers delivered to

Once you’ve entered the location you would like to search you will need to select it from the drop-down menu so we can pinpoint the precise area you need.

If you enter a big town like Manchester or Birmingham it’s probably best to be a bit more specific and enter an area within the town (e.g. Edgebaston rather than just Birmingham) that way you will get a better result, as with a standard Birmingham search you will be given the six GFGers nearest to the Geographical Centre of the city.

2: Select the service you need from our drop down menu

Corporate Flowers Flowers and plants for offices and other work/public areas
Gift Flowers Bouquets and Arrangements for all those special moments
Parties and Events – anything from a dinner party to new product launch
Plants – green, flowering or super sexy succulents … we admit it we luurve plants!!
Same Day Delivery – phone by 3.00 pm for delivery same day
Weddings  – need we say more!

They’re all self-explanatory but if you’ve left it to the last minute please choose Same Day Delivery as that will only bring up shops who can guarantee to deliver something special same day as long as you ring before 3.00pm. Some may be able to help you after 3.00 pm and we know some of our GFG’ers will drop off on their way home but to be safe try to keep to the 3 o’clock watershed!

If it’s a wedding or other special event you’re planning choose either Weddings or Parties and Events but note this may bring up a reduced list as not every florist offers a dedicated event service.

3: Press 'Search Listings'

Our clever geocoded database will now pull up the six GFG’ers closes to your chosen postcode and you can then click on the one that takes your fancy, see what they offer and either phone them or use their own website to order from – unlike a lot of online services we don’t take orders or commission.

If we don’t currently have a GFG’er in your area we will list other florists you can try who are on our magazine database but they won’t carry the GFG accreditation. That’s not to say they are bad … it’s just we can’t say they are good!

And that’s it. Obviously we’ve tried to make using the guide as simple and visitor friendly as possible but if you spot a problem please let us know as your feedback will help make us better.

You can email or call us on 020 8237 1108. Thanks!

Find a good florist!

Enter the delivery location and choose the nearest match from the drop down menu. Then choose the service you need from the Services list. Then Search.