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GOODFLORISTGUIDE 1 What is the Good Florist Guide Good Florist Guide is the only independently accredited merit-based guide to florists in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Designed to be a nationally recognised brand for people looking for high quality florists its alsoYOUR sign that you go the extra mile. 2 GOODFLORISTGUIDE What is it Good Florist Guide is the only merit- based guide to the best independent florist shops in the UK and Republic of Ireland.Set up by Purple Spotted Mediathe people behindThe Florist MagazineGood Florist Guide is a beautifulinformation filled consumer- facing website and PR initiative that will direct discerning customers to their local independent florist of quality. Our aim is to clarify in the minds of existing customers the values of independent floristry originality innovation excellence and reliability while encouraging new customers by promoting the value of flowers as the gift of choice and GFG members as the first point of purchase. Why get involved From a business perspective you will receive the benefit of cyber traffic from our website which will increase over time as we build a recognised brand as well as the reputational boost of being an accredited high quality florist in your local area as well as nationally. From an industry perspective you will be part of a movement to strengthen independent floristry by promoting high standards and best practice and working with other like-minded florists towards a shared goal. GOODFLORISTGUIDE 3 What do I get for my membership fee More customer traffic via your own dedicated page picture gallery on our website including an AboutYou section links to your website and social media contact details and pictures of your work. PR material for your business A personalised PR campaign including four press releases written by our media team about your inclusion in GFG as well as other important times on the floral calendar for distribution to local news outlets. Promotion of your shop work through all our social media channels including our Good Florist of the week Bouquet of the Day features as well as an official certificate to proudly display on your wall. Access to business-building ideas tips As well as four traffic building ideas youll also have premium access toThe Florist Business School a new initiative to help florists with the business side of things as well as exclusive access to a private GFG Facebook forum to connect with other outstanding florists. Promotional materials As well as your certificate youll receive Were in the Good Florist Guide decals for your shop window and van 200 mini GFG bouquet stickers shareable graphics for social media and a certified logo for your POS and website. 1st year benefits at a glance Dedicated page and photo upload to our website 2 x GFG decals for shop and van windows Certificate of membership 200 GFG bouquet stickers Four copyright free pieces of downloadable artwork for websitesocial media posting Four press releases to use at local level Four traffic builder ideas and projects Links to GFG Facebook page Links to GFG Twitter feed Links to GFG Instagram account Exclusive access to GFG FB Group page Premium access to The Florist Business School Issued bi monthly and very possibly more if we find other good things to send you Industry and media contacts You and your business will become our first choice when our industry contacts are looking for respected local florists be it the BBCTV production companies national and regional newspapers and glossy magazines or industry contacts looking for demonstrators product developers or corporate ambassadors.We cant promise you your ownTV show but every week we get asked for recommendations every week our GFG members are the people we suggest. 4 GOODFLORISTGUIDE The best thing to do is look at it. Its gorgeous full of useful information to help the public understand floristry and very easy to navigate. For the technical people it uses geocoding to offer search results based on geographical proximity as well as the service required e.g. weddings gift bouquets same day delivery etc. Using a drop down menu the search will bring up the nearest six matches and then customers can click on each business for more information and contact details.You can upload up to six pictures give a short bio of your shop link your social media and list your delivery areas but the whole purpose is to drive traffic to your website so the customer can order directly. What does the website look like GOODFLORISTGUIDE 5 Wed love to do Good Florist Guide for free. Honestly we would.We think that independent florists need promoting and championing they need to be the first thought for people ordering flowers for everyday as well as special occasions. However doing GFG to the standard we want to means we need to invest money in it. Like hiring a website developer to build us a beautiful and informative website with an easy-to-navigate and accurate directory something that has already cost several thousand pounds. It also needs a dedicated project manager to manage applications marketing and social media so we can be sure of giving you the best service. Well also need a proper marketing and PR budget to build brand recognition which will help our website become the first port of call for customers looking for quality floristry web traffic that will mean more business for you. Once officially launched with enough florist coverage well be able to allocate larger chunks of subscription fees to even more PR and advertising campaigns all aimed at making GFG a household name similar to the brand recognition of Good Hotel Guide and Good Pub Guide. And because GFG is the only merit-based guide to the best independent florists in the UK and Republic of Ireland no one can buy their way in applicants are judged by a panel of independent assessors drawn from florists from all over the UK and Republic of Ireland. But they cant do it for free either so that means we also need to remunerate our panel for their time and expertise. Weve already built a beautiful website drawn up a media marketing strategy and designed promo material to build strong brand recognition. Now we want to use this strategy and our years of industry expertise to promote the cause of independent floristry and all of your businesses. Why does membership cost money Membership Costs 63 VAT for year 83 until 31st March 2017 Please note that the current fee of 63 83 for GFG membership until March 31st 2017 is an introductory offer only available until 1st August 2016 after which the membership fee will rise to 83 VAT 108.All sterling prices plusVAT at the prevailing rate. 6 GOODFLORISTGUIDE How we assess your application While shops can be invited to join if they are nominated by at least 2 existing GFGers or if they have been personally visited by a member of the GFG team the usual procedure will always be for a florist to submit a portfolio which requires a full photographic and written presentation of the shop as well as testimonials samples of packaging stationery etc. This will then be assessed by a team of independent assessors who will mark on a scale of 1 5 the following criteria.The pass mark is 55 a Fail is below 45 and anything in-between will be either re-valuated or given temporary status subject to conditions being met. Shop Window Signage Display Floristry Corporate Identity including stationery Pricing method of display not calculation Staff uniforms experiencenumber Website Flower Content Plant content Written Word Portfolio Presentation Vehicles Social Media if applicable Accreditation Process Pip Holley Ive had a look at the new GFG website LOVE IT Really easy to navigate Willow Floristry Dorset UK. GOODFLORISTGUIDE 7 How to apply Membership criteria Every florist business can apply for membership of GFG but must select the category and services best suited to their business to make sure consumers get the right match when they search on the website. If you say you can do something when you cant it lets everyone down. When you complete your application form you will need to select the categories you are applying for see our website to see which is the best fit for you and that is how your page will be entered. However if your circumstances change during your subscription period let us know and well adjust the search function accordingly. All new applicants will have to fill out the formal application form inside this pack or use our nifty system on the Good Florist Guide website. Choose which category you are applying for and use our handy check list to make sure you have supplied everything. Depending on the category you are applying The three categories of business are The eight service categories we offer a search function for are as follows Retail Florist Corporate Flowers Plants Studio Florist Funerals Same Day Event Florist Gift Flowers Delivery Parties and Events Weddings for you must include at least certain images if you dont we wont be able to consider your application. Youll also need to send samples of any branded materials you have e.g. packaging care cards business cards letterheads flyers etc. However this is really a case of the more the merrier so some applicants include customer testimonials clippings of their adverts newsletters they send out samples of their gift cards in fact all sorts including the lovely shells one florist sent us to show what he wrote his prices on So have fun with the application - in fact feel free to be a complete show off as its exactly the sort of thing we can PR as to why our GFGers are such exceptional florists. 8 GOODFLORISTGUIDE FAQs Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q A A A A A A A A A A Does it cost to join Not until you have been approved Only when you have been passed by the verification panel do we raise an invoice. For founding members its 63 VAT 83 which includes a 20 25 loyalty discount and is valid till July 30th 2016.Thereafter it will cost 83 VAT 108. Will I get orders We really hope so but not because GFG is a relay company its more about being able to show your local customers that your shop is better than the rest If you use the fact you are a GFG member properly and make use of all the ideas well give you to use at local level that in itself will generate orders if people from outside your area find you as a result of our national PR activity then that will make it even better. Can I belong if I am a member of a relay Of course We cannot see any reason why they should object. Is it just open to shops Not at all Professional studio and event florists are also very welcome and we have categories that match your services totally so you get the best out of your GFG membership. Does my GFG accreditation last forever No.You have to reapply every year and thats why we issue dated logos.We are sure you will still be lovely next year but its a bit like an MOT worth checking just to make sure. Can you cancel an accreditation Yes. If we discover a problem or feel the shop has fallen below the standard we are happy to promote then we wont renew the accreditation and in exceptional circumstances will cancel an accreditation before the end of the year. Does my shop have to be very chi chi or modern Absolutely not.Weve been working with florist shops for decades and know that no one style is right or wrong.Thats why every type of shop is assessed in exactly the same way and to the same criteria. Modern olde worlde classic or completely off the wall the basic rules of being a good florist apply. Are there any rules and regulations A few such as the ways you can use the GFG logo and what we would expect you to do in the event of a complaint. However we dont do heavy simply because anyone who is a GFG person is usually on the same wavelength as us. What promotion will you do You can find more about this on page 3 but the short answer is loads and as much as our budget will allow. The more florists on board the more we can do. How soon can I be signed up We usually reckon about a month from you GOODFLORISTGUIDE 9 Q Q Q A A A submitting a portfolio simply because its not something we like to rush and Helena and her team will spend a lot of time on each one.The sooner you get your portfolio in the sooner youll be assessed and if successful receive your Good Florist Guide logo. What happens if I fail We have a pass mark of 55 you can see the mark system on the page about accreditation. If you fall below 45 then you would have to reapply. If you are between pass and fail then Helena will let you know where you fell down and assuming that you can sort it out you will be passed. Do I get extra points for having qualications or winning competitions Not really.We take them into account and obviously we will be scrutinising your design work but we are assessing your business from a consumer perspective rather than as floristry judges.Therefore we will be paying more attention to the quality of your work in terms of design customer service and how your website works rather than if you used the right gauge wire. How important are the photographs Im not David Bailey Pretty crucial.We dont need them to be of studio quality but they do have to be more than phone camera snaps.You are showcasing your work so the more effort you can put into it the better. However we dont need prints you can upload via our application form on www.goodfloristguide.comapplication-form send them on a CD or USB stick or email to . But if youre not sure of the best way to do it just give us a call and well help you out as we want this to be as easy as possible for you. Nikki Meader Love the Flower of the Month article on the Home Page all the advice is fabulous.Well done. West Malling Flowers Kent UK. 10 GOODFLORISTGUIDE The dreaded Rules and Regs Ts Cs We really want to be as relaxed as possible but there are certain things we have to get right so this is the current list which doubles up as ourTerms and Conditions. However as they always say whilst its correct at the time of going to press we reserve the right to change and amend if necessary or if someone does something bad we hadnt thought of 1. We reserve the right to instantly remove your business from the Good Florist Guide GFG at any time. Reasons will be given but include bringing the brand into disrepute be it through poor service or inappropriate online behaviour failing to pay bills or insolvency. 2. GFG status applies only to the branch or branches for which you have submitted a full application and which have been passed by the GFG.You have permission to use the logo for this branch or branches only.You may not use the logo in reference to any of your other branches without express prior permission from the GFG. 3. If you sell your business to another florist GFG accreditation no longer applies to that business. The new owner will need to reapply for GFG accreditation as will you for your new business. 4. We dont expect to get involved in customer complaints mainly because we believe GFGers are the type of florists who will handle any complaint in a timely and courteous way. However should a customer contact us and it seems to be a genuine complaint we will contact you to see what has happened and if we need to do anything. 5. You are not permitted to deface or adapt the logo or window sticker to remove the date or try and change it in any other way. 6. You must only show the most up to date version of the logo although with permission you may use an undated version on printed material. To apply for this please contact 7. If you wish to use the dated logo from previous years to show longevity of accreditation please contact us and we will send you the artwork. 8. We will contact you annually to check your details and may from time to time request some updated images. If you do not get back to us with your detailsimages you may be removed from the GFG and your right to use the branding revoked and this will be shown on our website. 9. One change of pictures per year is included in your registration fee additional changes may be made at a cost of 30 40. 10. A website is an essential part of any application but we do not allow relay operated websites as this defeats the object of the exercise i.e. promoting independent shops not multinational brands.An online ordering facility is preferred but not essential but an email reply service is a must have.Whilst relay provided photographs are allowed please note any order placementtransaction must be made through your own payment systems. 11. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time but full notification will be given. GOODFLORISTGUIDE 11 Got any questions or concerns Fill out the application form enclosed or use our online form at www.goodfloristguide.comapplication-form. Once youve been approved well let you know and then send you an invoice along with information on anything else we may need to get your page live on the site. Once youve paid well send out your certificate decals and stickers together with your dedicated press release for sending to your local press and media. Email Helena who is responsible for all things GFG at or call her on 020 8237 1109. We look forward to welcoming you to the GFG movement How do I sign up 12 GOODFLORISTGUIDE All of us are here to help and can be contacted on our direct lines or by email. Alternatively if you fancy a cup of tea or coffee youre more than welcome to pop into our offices at Riverside StudiosAspenlea Road London W6 8LH Caroline Marshall-Foster Chief Exec 020 8237 1108 Hannah Dunne Web Editor 020 8237 1107 Helena Forrester Project Manager 020 8237 1109 Here to help