There’s nothing worse than a website that doesn’t tell you who’s behind it. So here goes!

CarrieGood Florist Guide is the brainchild of Caroline Marshall-Foster, the daughter of a florist and, as editor of The Florist, the UK flower industry’s oldest trade magazine, considered a bit of an expert on the subject of getting the best flowers and plants delivered!

Fed up of seeing her friends let down when they ordered flowers, back in ’99 she decided to share her little black book of favourite florists with them and suddenly the idea of making something that everyone could use was born.

Because while there are hundreds of wonderful florist shops and businesses in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, there are also some seriously bad ones too. Never mind all the dodgy online operators that pop up every week and charge far more than they should for a less than wonderful buying experience.

That’s why Caroline and her team not only seek out the best florists they can find, they then make them apply for accreditation and inclusion in the GFG. Yes she is a bit of an ogre but our mark of quality has to be earned not just handed out and no one can buy their way in!

As a result every GFG florist has either submitted an extensive portfolio, been personally recommended or visited to check they are good enough.

Only if they make the grade on all elements are they granted the precious Good Florist Guide roundel. What’s more, because we want to keep it up to date, the certificate is re-issued every year (a bit like an MOT) to make sure GFG florists are constantly delivering the best floristry.

The result… an easy way for customers to pick up the phone and order flowers from a tested florist just like Caroline would do herself.

You can find out more about the process of becoming a GFG florist here but hopefully this give you a taste of why GFG’ers are just that little bit special.

Happy Flower Buying!

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GFG is part of Purple Spotted Media … a specialist communications company for the flower and plant industry. With a printing pedigree that goes back to 1949 when the first issue of The Florist rolled off the presses, the company now operates from a digital platform and works for some of the top names in the flower industry here and abroad. If you’re looking for a brilliant florist then you’ve come to the right site. If you want to have a nosey at what else the Purple Spotted Peeps do these are our trade sites!

Caroline is the daughter of a florist and granddaughter of a landscape gardener so flowers and plants are in her blood. She has worked in the flower industry since she was knee high to a grasshopper and reckons if you cut her in half she’d ooze sap and even cuts her broccoli at a sharp angle – read Looking after flowers to understand! She loves succulents and spathiphyllum plants aka Peace Lily (they eat more toxins from the air than any other plant so are great natural air fresheners) and adores every flower except tropicals; odd seeing as she is a sun worshipper! A mum of two teenage girls, in her rare spare time she reads voraciously and being a fan of Mary Berry tries very hard to cook although accepts she will never appear on GBBO!

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