We are thrilled you want to know more about the Good Florist Guide and become part of the only merit-based directory of UK florists independently accredited by experts.

Founded by The Florist, the leading trade magazine for the flower industry since 1949, GFG began life as Master Florist® way back in 1999, relaunching under the GFG name in 2008. Since then nearly 300 florists have become part of the Guide.

Our aim

The aim of GFG is simple. To use the subscription fees to promote the best florists in the UK through a dedicated website, PR and social media programme. Not just to make sure the media and consumer knows there is a difference between good and mediocre shops but to make it easier for people to contact a GFG shop directly to avoid unnecessary middleman charges.

Member benefits

As a GFG’er you won’t just be promoted as part of the crème de la crème of UK flower shops but have your own dedicated area on our website, a dated roundel you can use on your own website and on corporate stationery and the support of the GFG team to make sure that every PR opportunity to use your GFG accreditation is taken advantage of to make your investment pay dividends. Scroll to the bottom for a more detailed list of member benefits.

Strict membership criteria

Not every shop can be a GFG’er and we are very strict on who can use the roundel. GFG would lose all its street cred if we let everyone and anyone in so there are certain rules and regs, and no-one pays a bean until they are officially approved. But if you can meet the criteria then it really is worth the effort. Not just for your own self-esteem but to become part of a movement of like-minded florists who share your goal of going the extra mile … for their customers and their fellow florists. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

How to join
1: Choose your category of accreditation
There are three categories: Shop, Studio or Event Florist. Study the criteria and decide which best fits your business.
2: Check what photographs you need to supply
Make sure they include the six shots you want to appear on your entry page if your application is successful.
3: Complete the application form
You can click here to fill out the form online and upload your supporting images.
4: Wait for us to review your application
Your application will be reviewed by the GFG team of independent assessors and we’ll email you the results. If you’re accepted we’ll send you an invoice and once you’ve paid you’ll get your copy of this year’s logo, your shop will be uploaded to the website with five photographs, a 150-200 word descriptive editorial and details of your shop. In addition, we’ll give you access to our private GFG phone number and support email as well as list you on our GFG Facebook page.
Application criteria
 Retail FloristStudio FloristEvent Florist
Takes all major credit cardsPreferredPreferred
Offers a same day delivery service, 6 days a weekn/an/a
Has a branded delivery vehicle PreferredPreferredPreferred
Operates from traditional shop premises paying rates to a local authority and which customers can visit n/an/a
Has a workshop/studio or unit that is registered for commercial usen/a
Has a mobile-enabled website (retail shops should preferably accept online orders)
Has a high level of experience and knowledge
Stocks on a daily basis or has access to an above average range of flowers and plants
Holds a business bank account
Has a land line business listed phone number PreferredPreferred
Complies with all statutory obligations relating to VAT (where applicable), taxes and insurance including public liability

Every GFG entry gets six shots on the website – 1 which will be used as your hero image and which should have a pixel width of 1000 pixels (25.4cms) or more, and 4 others which will be cropped to landscape size of 600 pixels wide x 450 pixels (15.2cms x 11.4cms) high.

However, no submission will be put to the assessing panel without ALL shots as detailed below being submitted so make sure you show off big time!! Technology means we can accept it all online but if it’s easier you can post everything to us which means you can get even more creative – we’ve even had people make up full photo albums!!

Photographs neededShopStudioEvent
Shop exterior including outside displayn/an/a
Shop interior – to include all displays (fresh and sundries), workroom and consultation area if you have onen/an/a
Studio and Event premises to include all displays and work area - if none please add explanatory noten/a
Delivery vehicle/s (if one is owned)
You and your staff where applicable – group shot is fine
Branding – pictures showing your wrapping, stationery, business cards etc
Design Work: a complete range of work you carry out on a regular basis. This to include all the categories of work you wish to be listed under i.e. Gift designs, funeral, wedding, contract and event floristry
Pricing & benefits

*Issued bi-monthly – and very possibly more if we find other good things to send you!!

**Plus VAT


Does it cost to join?

Not until you have been approved! Only when you have been passed by the verification panel do we raise an invoice. For £83 (€109) + VAT – less than £9 a month (less than €11 a month).

Is Good Florist Guide a relay?

Nope… GFG is about helping consumers have great flowers by promoting the best of our industry and giving florists a chance to be part of a generic PR campaign that can be used at local level.

Will I get orders?

Yes, but not because GFG is an order generator. GFG is a way of you showing your shop is better than the rest. If you use the fact you are a GFG member properly that in itself will generate orders by creating increased awareness about you and your shop.

How soon can I be signed up?

We usually reckon about a month after you submit your application simply because it’s not something we like to rush and we will spend a lot of time on each one. The sooner you get your portfolio in, the sooner you’ll be assessed and if successful receive your Good Florist Guide logo.

Is it just open to shops?

Not at all! Professional studio and event florists are also very welcome and we have categories that match your services totally so you get the best out of your GFG membership. However, we do not accept applications from home workers… Your business must comply with all legal requirements.

Does my shop have to be very chi chi or modern?

Absolutely not. We’ve been working with florist shops for decades and know that no one style is right or wrong. That’s why every type of shop is assessed in exactly the same way and to the same criteria. Modern, olde worlde, classic or completely off the wall, the basic rules of being a good florist apply.

Does my GFG accreditation last forever?

No. You have to reapply every year and that’s why we issue dated logos. We are sure you will still be lovely next year but it’s a bit like an MOT… worth checking just to make sure.

Can you cancel an accreditation?

Yes. If we discover a problem or feel the shop has fallen below the standard we are happy to promote then we won’t renew the accreditation and in exceptional circumstances will cancel an accreditation before the end of the year.

Are there any other benefits?

Being part of GFG means you’ll be the first port of call for any industry happenings that come our way. When the BBC call because they want to interview a florist in North Yorkshire, we call our GFG florists in North Yorkshire. When wedding magazines call us looking for gorgeous images of bridal bouquets, we contact our GFG florists. When we hear about a fab opportunity for a talented young florist in Portsmouth… you get the picture!

What promotion will you do?

With our strong PR contacts over the peak periods there will be lots of press releases on how consumers should choose a shop, what to look for when buying flowers and why GFG members are the best. In addition we will be using social media to the hilt and making it easy for you to do your own PR locally without having to spend hours worrying about it. We’ll also be providing you with loads of free artwork specially designed for florists, be running competitions and creating traffic builders you can use in your own shop.

Do I get extra points for having qualifications or winning competitions?

Not really. We take them into account and obviously we will be scrutinising your design work but we are assessing your business from a consumer perspective rather than as floristry judges. Therefore we will be paying more attention to how the business looks, what your designs look like and how your website works than if you used the right gauge wire.

Are there any rules and regulations?

A few, such as the ways you can use the GFG logo and what we would expect you to do in the event of a complaint. However we don’t do ‘heavy’ simply because anyone who is a GFG person is usually on the same wavelength as us.

How is my entry graded?

We have a pass mark of 35 – you can see the mark system below. If you fall below 30 then you would have to reapply. If you are between pass and fail then Helena will let you know where you fell down and assuming that you can sort it out you will be passed.

How important are the photographs, I’m not David Bailey!

Pretty crucial. We don’t need them to be of studio quality but they do have to be more than phone camera snaps. You are showcasing your work so the more effort you can put into it the better. However we don’t need prints, you can upload via our Jotform account, send them on a CD or USB stick. If you’re not sure of the best way to do it, just give us a call and we’ll help you out.

Are there any reductions for multiple branches?

Yes, each additional branch must apply in their own right but will be eligible for a 50% discount.

What happens if I fail?

We have a pass mark of 35 – you can see the marking system below. If you fall below 30 then you would have to reapply. If you are between pass and fail then we will let you know where you fell down and assuming that you can sort it out you will be passed.

Can I belong if I'm a member of a relay?

Of course! We can’t see any reason why they should object.

Evaluation Criteria for Retail Florists

Evaluation Criteria for Studio Florists